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Elizabeth Tillar has lived in New Hampshire for 14 years, teaching philosophy and religious studies at Plymouth State University for the last eight years. She has long been captivated by images and works exclusively in the medium of photography. Earlier in life, she was a choreographer and performing artist and finds deep similarities of composition between dance and nature photography. She resides in a rustic house in Tamworth, where she hosts writers (and others) and where she spends much time gardening.

Artist's Musings: I have been dedicated to photographing my environment ever since I moved to northern New Hampshire. The Lakes Region and White Mountains present a myriad stunning images at every turn. Focusing the camera lens on the colors and forms of nature and country life has taught me to see something of the essence of natural objects and the character of rural dwellings. It is a birthright that we too often shed in our journey through life. At the start of every outing, I anticipate the prospect of capturing the elusive essence of the forms presenting themselves to me, the heart's longing to preserve the fleeting glimpse of meaning and connection. In that quest, we might reflect something of the inspiration of our ever-changing world, now and then.

Garden in Winter

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